We work according to the quality system ISO 9001-2015

We shall exceed the expectations and requirements set by our customer’s. The quality of our products – services should contribute to an important reason to do business with Connecta.

As Connecta Industri AB is a customer-oriented partner, we want to ensure our customers the best service level and delivery flexibility to their customers. We want to be a value for our customers in the supply chain.

We shall:

  • Continuous develop our products and services based on our customers’ needs.
  • Choice of methods and channels which in distribution and marketing strengthen our position as a supplier of high quality products.
  • The quality of our services should be the result of continuous competence development in order to provide dedicated and knowledgeable co-workers.
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations applicable to the local surroundings and its business. When we have the choice between two chemicals with the same function, we shall choose the chemical that is the least hazardous to the environment.
  • Work according to the quality system ISO 9001-2015